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Friends Cooking for Friends Ministry: Friends Cooking for Friends is a ministry dedicated solely to the selfless, kind acts of a group that comes together to cook, package, store, and deliver ready-to-eat meals for people who are suffering a hardship and could use a warm meal. Anyone can join in at anytime to help make a loving difference in someone’s life.  

G3 (Green Grounds Group) Ministry: We need volunteers to help us spruce up our church grounds! New ideas for a 5-year plan for the church grounds include: a labyrinth, a narrated meditation walk for the new trail, an outdoor coffee hour area, a memorial area for human cremains, and a separate area for animal cremains. 


Greeters Ministry: Greeters are in charge of making all who enter our church feel welcome and comfortable! Being a greeter is a wonderful way to connect with others and get to know one another! We're currently searching for someone to handle greeter scheduling, - contact the church office if you can help! 

 Hospitality Ministry: The Hospitality Ministry is largely responsible for organizing the coffee hour each week, as well as recruiting volunteers to host coffee hours, and planning/organizing receptions for special events such as: Lessons & Carols, weddings, funerals.  They also help put on special dinners, like the Newcomers' Dinner, stewardship dinners, and parish potlucks.  Volunteers are warmly welcomed! 

Outreach Committee Ministry: The Outreach Ministry is responsible for reaching out and addressing needs outside of the parish. The outreach committee organizes financial gifts to food banks, children's organizations, a children's hospital in Nepal, and much more. 

In 2016 this ministry initiated a Reverse Collection Plate campaign where participants found unique ways to conduct their own small, private mission with $25.  Listen to stories below shared at Sunday Services.

Nativity Cares Campaign

Click Here: A Nativity Cares 2016 Campaign Audio Story

Click here: A second audio story from Nativity Cares 2016 Campaign

Ministry of Prayer:  This ministry works to provide prayer support for parishioners and community members alike, through the prayer commitments of a team of dedicated individuals.  Volunteers need only commit to confidentiality and a consistent prayer practice on behalf of the people who request prayers.  Anyone can make a prayer intention known by emailing .  

 Prayers & Squares Ministry: Prayers & Squares is an interfaith outreach ministry that combines the gift of a custom-made, hand-tied quilt with the gift of prayer for someone in need. The essence of this ministry is in the prayers offered for the recipient; it is not about the quilts. 


 The Altar Guild Ministry: The Altar Guild is responsible for the care of the altar, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the parish. Altar Guild members prepare the sanctuary for services. Altar Guild members frequently supervise the decoration of the sanctuary of the parish with flowers. 

 Liturgical Ministers: Our Liturgical Ministers consist of Acolytes, Lectors, Chalice Bearers, and Eucharistic Visitors. Acolytes serve at the altar and assist throughout the service. Lectors read scripture passages aloud to the congregation as part of our worship. Chalice Bearers serve the consecrated wine at Communion.

Music Ministry: The Music Ministry is composed of a group of volunteers who collaborate to choose hymns and special music to complement each Sunday's Bible lessons, help lead the singing during worship services, and create special concerts/events for the community and our parish.   We encourage anyone who wants to sing, play an instrument, or otherwise help with the musical side of worship to join in on the fun! 


Adult Education Ministry: Adult Education is held on Sunday Mornings 8:30-9:15 am. focusing on a new study series every 6 to 12 weeks. Everyone is welcome to join in!  

Centering Prayer Ministry: Centering Prayer Group meets every Tuesday from 5:15 to 5:45 pm. "Centering prayer is a method designed to facilitate the development of Contemplative Prayer by preparing our faculties to receive this gift. It is an attempt to present the teaching of earlier times in an updated form. It is not meant to replace other kind of prayer. Rather it casts a new light and depth of meaning on other kinds of prayer. It is at the same time a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship.   It is a movement beyond conversation with Christ to communion with Him. The desire for God is God's gift to us." (Thomas Keating, The Guidelines).

Paws for a Blessing Ministry:

          On the first Sunday of every month, from 5-5:30 p.m., Church of the Nativity hosts a half-hour service that welcomes all faiths and offers healing prayers for your pets!  There will be hands-on blessings for your animal friends and pastoral blessings for all who wish it.  Rev. Teri Shecter, deacon at Church of the Nativity, leads the service and gives the homily. We welcome your well-mannered critters: leashed dogs, crated cats, caged birds, haltered horses, fish, rabbits and reptiles.  Bring your agnostic gerbils, Baptist cats, Presbyterian dogs, non-denominational rabbits, or just a photo of your pet!  ALL ARE WELCOME (with or without an animal)!

          A new Parting Service will become a regular part of Paws for a Blessing and will be held on a monthly basis. Parting Services will begin at 5:45 and conclude at 6:00 pm.  This special service will be centered around interment of animal cremains.  Minimum burial cost per animal will be $45, which is the Paws level.  This will include a photo engraved plaque with unlimited wording, marker stone and special, small memorial stones for placement on the grave. Paws Supporters will be those with the desire and ability to donate more than $45 per animal.  All money will go to support our animal ministry.  Only ashes will be buried in the Animal Memorial area.  Contact the church office for more information or to arrange participation in a Parting Service.


Every major faith tradition endorses responsible stewardship of the earth and all its creatures. Caring for animals is our global spiritual responsibility. And because we believe this with all our hearts, when you make a donation at a Paws for a Blessing service, that money goes right back into the community to help care for neglected animals. So far, we've given to these groups:

Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary 


Community Cat Care 

Grand Junction Pit Bull Rescue

Grand Rivers Humane Society

Grand Valley Audubon Society

Grand Valley Pets Alive

Grand Valley Pit Crew

Harmony Acres Equestrian Center

Pig-A-Sus Pot Belly Pig Rescue

Roice-Hurst Humane Society

RUFF Animal Sanctuary 

Steadfast Steeds Wild Mustang Rescue

Join us at 5:00 p.m. on the first Sunday of every month for this special service! Questions? Call the church office at 245-9606 or email .

Animal Memorial Service: Bi-annually, on the first Sunday in May and November, from 5-6 pm, we gather to remember our faithful animal companions. Our Animal Memorial Service is a gentle service of remembrance intended for all those grieving the loss of an animal.  Weather permitting, the service is held outside in a wooded area around a fire pit. There is an opportunity to say aloud the name of the animal you are remembering and also a chance to tell stories about the companion animals that have shared our lives.

Domestic Violence Includes Pets! Did you know that domestic violence can also include pets? An estimated 1 million animals are abused or killed each year in the U.S. in connection with domestic violence, and 71% of domestic violence victims report that their abuser also targeted their pets. If you are in a domestic violence situation and need help or information in the Grand Junction, Colorado area, please contact the Latimer House at 241-6704. If you are located outside our area, please call the National Domestic Violence Hot Line at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). They have advocates available 24/7 in over 170 languages. All calls are confidential and anonymous.  

Spiritual University Ministry: This ministry offers study and discussion of a wide variety of spiritual concepts and topics, usually including a specially-chosen DVD series to focus the discussion.  Church of the Nativity offers a variety of study leaders and session times, so keep an eye on the website for the latest offerings or call the church office.  Take a look at this history of Spiritual University if you wonder what our past offerings were:


Sunday School Ministry: Sunday School is for children up to 4th grade, and begins at 9:30 each Sunday morning. When it's time for the Eucharist, the children rejoin their families to share in communion. We're excited by new plans and developments in our Sunday School Ministry, including a new curriculum called Holy Moly.    

Tuesday Book Group Ministry: Join us at 10:30 am Tuesday mornings in the Susan Baker Room! This group works together to select a book or DVD series to read/watch and discuss over a period of several weeks.  Feel free to join at any time, even in the middle of a series!

WEL (Wednesday Evenings in Lent) Ministry: WEL is part of the Adult Spiritual Formation, which consists of five components: WEL, Spiritual University, Adult Education (Adult Sunday School), the Book Group, and Centering Prayer. WEL only meets during Lent and lasts for five weeks. During Lent, those interested enjoy a simple meal of soup and bread and then break into an hour of study. During WEL, there will be no other evening studies in progress.